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NYC’s Grafitti Problem

Stolen from the Wooster Collective, who stole it from the Antiadvertisingagency.


Truth in Advertising

A friend sent this to me. I’m sure it’s pretty old, but it doesn’t discount the fact that it’s pretty funny.

And here’s part two:

Street Art from Ghent, Belgium

Once again, I steal from the Wooster Collective.

3D Urban Street Art

 This is cool. Find more at Urban Installation.

The Classic Art of Advertising

These are from one of my favorite websites- Something Awful.

You can get the rest of them off their Photoshop Phriday thread.

TXTual Healing

Artist Paul Notzold is running an art project that is centered around what happens when we share our private thoughts in public. He projects a giant thought bubble on the side of a building and invites people to put words in there by text messaging a phone number he sets up.  

Here’s one he did in Beijing:


I couldn’t read anything in the bubbles. They were either too small or they were trying to spell out a foreign name in Chinese. But, I remember CCTV had MTVish program where they played love songs and people would text in love messages and it would be displayed on a ticker.

I guess it’s an old idea and it’s very similar to Ji Lee’s Bubble Project in that it’s re-appropriating public space for private use. But I think it’s still pretty cool nonetheless.