I Think I Get it Now

When I saw this off of a co-worker’s blog, it connected a lot of things in my mind for me. I loved the original when it came out because like all good songs that we relate to, it says what we can’t say ourselves. In the original music video, there was this really intense feeling of getting screwed over that left a negative reaction in me about how relationships end. It’s quite possibly one of the worst feelings in the world because it compounds our insecurities when we’re the most vulnerable. The thing with Kanye’s music video is that it’s really good in telling this story. So good that it traps you because you’re so bewildered by the possibility of it happening, which unfortunately leads your anger to howl at the straw man.

The cover that the Fray did still leaves me with the same general impression (although in an emo/rockerish sort of way). But the video made a point that those feelings are juvenile and fleeting and the best way to deal with it is to live well. Something people hear a lot, but have to work really hard to do. I love the ending frame with the drawings (negative feelings/energy) off the paper (out of mind, not a distraction) and displayed beautifully (negative energy spent on productive activities) on the chalkboard (getting out there).

Ironically, I think this music video is the “pop art” that Kayne was trying to make with the 808s and Heartbreak album and probably with his videos. Maybe Kayne’s “Kayne-ness” got in the way, because it didn’t need a cover to reveal the true moral of the story.


5 responses to “I Think I Get it Now”

  1. girlgeum says :

    Does the ending of one relationship defines the beginning of a new one?

    Yeah it’s off the paper and on the chalkboard where everyone can see. Maybe that’s it, we need to let go, talk about it.

    A person can’t live well if they’re still holding on.

    Love the song.

  2. amyhong7 says :

    love the song and the video and totally agree with kayne-ness.

    however, i don’t know if that intense feeling of getting screwed over when a relationship ends (provided that you weren’t the one ending it) is juvenile. the “getting over it” part just becomes somewhat easier as you get older because you know what to expect on the other side (provided that you haven’t already built singular dreams off of that relationship – like marriage) …

  3. girlgeum says :

    No there’s nothing juvenile in the reactions of getting over a broken heart, but what some would say, as you mentioned is getting over as we become older. Maybe it’ll be easier. Some older people are juvenile in their thinking.

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