My Greatest Accomplishment

My Greatest Accomplishment, originally uploaded by nien_liu.

Top Ramen that looks the way it does on the packaging. Someone going to give me my own cooking show?



6 responses to “My Greatest Accomplishment”

  1. Hans says :

    Proficient top ramen preparation is all smoke and mirrors because in the end you’re still eatting processed food made out of everything artificial. Basically, when you eat top ramen you might as well eat your own shit. Thank you

  2. Hans says :

    The next time we meet we shall have a top ramen cook off to the death…

  3. Nien says :

    Whatever Hans. I’ve had 24 years of practice, you bring it.

  4. wu says :

    nice job. drain the soup a bit more, and season with some sesame oil, you’re set.

  5. Hans says :

    oh i’ll bring it, i’ll bring it like a Barnum and Bailey circus clown on crack!

  6. joe says :

    i was thinking of producing your cooking show but ready made food concepts already exists…sorry man, nice try though….

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