Meet the New Creative

This is old news but a guy at Poke created a really cool iPhone application. where it will synch the music to the rhythm of your steps.

As I’m schlepping around the country looking for work, I realized that some agencies created a new “digital strategist” position to work in the digital space (as opposed to just the strategist/planner). Not that I mind. If anyone were to change their job descriptions it would be the planner since we have to continually prove our worth and justify our existence.

Interestingly enough, while our job descriptions are always evolving, those of the copywriter/art director’s don’t. And you can see it in some of the interactive work where it is obvious they threw print/TV ideas on the web. I think a lot of copywriters/art directors don’t have the right skill sets to work effectively in the digital space – but some do. The point is their job descriptions aren’t going to change any time soon, so to make up for the lack of expertise, guys like Greg Elliott are more important than ever.

Elliot (and guys like Hashem Bawja and Ian Tait) represent a different kind of creative who uses technology as their creative medium and that’s the creative of the future.


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