New Media

As I’m getting into the thick of it for job hunting, I find that answering those tough interview questions is good for developing thoughts. One thing people seem to be curious about is my approach to new media. I don’t think I say it outright, but my portfolio hints at it.

New media, right now, I think is reactive. It seems like people look for opportunities where they can connect with people and then find the media channel to deliver it. That’s context or contact or communication or whatever planning. But I think the real opportunity is in looking for those opportunities where you can connect with people but where there is no media channel to deliver it. That’s a true opportunity to develop new media because you get to create that channel and own it. What comes out of this situation are not necessarily ads on eggs or guerilla marketing, but innovation and new inventions.


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2 responses to “New Media”

  1. krissnp says :


  2. MAGE says :

    I completely agree that new media is all reactive now. As slow as media companies have been to use the new media, business have been slower to undertstand it.

    Over the next year or two, some people will start to get it and they will innovate, hopefuylly invent and capitalize on being first. Then everyone will ride that wave whether they ever get it or not.

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