The Way ‘Zines Should Be

Who says magazines are dead? They’re alive and kickin’ on the web – but not like those ‘zines or ezines or whatever they’re called. An online magazine for me was always defined as a PDF you download or a website/blog. The thing is, those forms of online magazines don’t take advantage of technology to make their content and presentation more interactive and engaging.

Through some random clicking, I found Coldtea – a Chinese online magazine that focuses on fashion, photography, style and culture. To view this magazine, you download an .exe file that runs like a little program. Below are some screenshots, which don’t do the experience much justice.

Everything is in Flash so things are animated – like the turning of the page and some of the art pieces. There is also a soundtrack that plays in the background as you read through it. And lastly, they embed videos and voice tracks inside to give the written words and photos some more dimension.

This takes magazine reading from a thing we do to something we experience. I can’t wait for some of my favorite magazines to start doing this. Oh, and there’s another online magazine called Certain that does something similar, though with no animation


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