Silver Bullet Argument for the Green Movement

His point is well argued and has perfect logic. The problem is I don’t think a lot of people use logic at all when considering these things (and most other things).

The intro to Al Gore’s “Assault on Reason” is all about how public discourse doesn’t encourage logical thinking, instead it steers us towards sensationalized news that hits on emotional chords – like celebrity gossip and those crazy, crazy pundits.

However, the situation leaves lots of opportunities for some marketing magic to happen. This year we’ve seen a lot of cause related organizations turn to business to help solve social problems.

At school we’ve worked on projects for Business for Diplomatic Action and the First Freedom Center – changing perceptions of America abroad and promoting conversation about religion respectively. Also, there is an international group called Planning for Good that is composed of planners working for non-profits, pro-bono.


4 responses to “Silver Bullet Argument for the Green Movement”

  1. htan21 says :

    i’ve been reading your past few posts and I’m impressed because I’m an english major and you write better than me now hahaha

  2. Nien says :

    thanks, but my writing style is composed entirely of smoke and mirrors that cover up my grammar mistakes.

  3. Michelle says :

    who is this guy?

  4. wendaojinxin says :

    here’s his youtube profile:

    he’s a 38 year old high school teacher.

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