Business Drawing Lines of Power

A long time ago I casually threw out the thought that business, not governments, will draw the lines of power in the future through distribution and branding and such. I just finished the Blackwater book for a class project and think this idea needs more attention.

The idea that a private company can build an army that has the capacity to take out a couple of countries by themselves is no joke. Blackwater started off as strictly military mercenaries working in Iraq and now they’ve rebranded themselves into a security company offering their services to areas in distress (Darfur) and to companies that have vested interests abroad (oil companies).

The second function is much more interesting than the first one. When I originally was thinking about business and power, I was thinking cultural and economic power – hegemony and such. However, the fact that they can now hire armies to do their bidding, it takes it to a higher level of creepiness, it takes it to the level of colonization.

I’m going to say that this is a bad thing. And I think you know why.


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