Live Shows = Instant Communities

A couple of us went to the Ghostface Killah show on main campus. Strangely enough, we ended up hearing more from the Witch Doctor, a bunch of fledging MCs and Ghostface Killah’s crew.

Usually, everyone piles into the space and chills out in their own groups before the show starts. And when it does, we all turn into a ravenous mob that’s going out of its mind. But this reminds me of a classmate who is really into building communities through communication.

The premise (I assume, that conversation happened a long time ago) is that since everyone is digesting the same information that they will share a common understanding. And that common understanding forms a community, albeit I think a very casual one until you nurture further.

There’s also psychology theory which I forget the actual name (by now you’ll have learned that I have terrible memory) that states that when you put a bunch of people who think a like together, that their views become more extreme because the people around them validate their opinion and allows them to reach out further to the extremes. It’s like when you get a bunch of people with mild prejudices together and all of a sudden, they’re burning crosses.

The point is: I think that’s the magic and appeal of live shows – that psychological support and validation from being surrounded by like minded people. With that being said, I find myself missing some of this action from the Pacific Northwest:


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2 responses to “Live Shows = Instant Communities”

  1. Taylor says :

    Blue Scholars make you Holla

  2. Michael says :

    Did he wear a big furry coat?

    Great post man. I agree with you on all those points. Got me thinking about the Herd theory by Mark Earls.

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