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Silver Bullet Argument for the Green Movement

His point is well argued and has perfect logic. The problem is I don’t think a lot of people use logic at all when considering these things (and most other things).

The intro to Al Gore’s “Assault on Reason” is all about how public discourse doesn’t encourage logical thinking, instead it steers us towards sensationalized news that hits on emotional chords – like celebrity gossip and those crazy, crazy pundits.

However, the situation leaves lots of opportunities for some marketing magic to happen. This year we’ve seen a lot of cause related organizations turn to business to help solve social problems.

At school we’ve worked on projects for Business for Diplomatic Action and the First Freedom Center – changing perceptions of America abroad and promoting conversation about religion respectively. Also, there is an international group called Planning for Good that is composed of planners working for non-profits, pro-bono.


The Idea Economy and Needs

A while ago, there was the Craigslist debacle where a gold digger was lamenting about how she couldn’t find her sugardaddy. In reference to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, I think this is the implication in terms of focus:

Think about how our economy has changed from manufacturing to service to ideas. As it is getting progressively abstract, it’s also honing in on the individual as the main source of output – no more assembly lines and systems, it’s all up to you.

By focusing output on the individual, there is a huge premium on self actualization, because only at that stage, is the individual creative and can have ideas. Artists have been doing this for decades, eschewing the comforts of the middle class to slum it out in a ghetto while creating art.

I’ve just started to watch the Rize, a documentary about clowning and krumping, and it seems to hint at the same phenomena. Kids in LA who are growing up in rough neighborhoods found those dance forms as a way to gain esteem, belonging and a sense of safety (because they joined a neutral party in the gang situation).

Crumbling Buddha

It’s a sculpture of Buddha created with ash from the joss sticks we use to pray to him. The artist, Zhang Huan, did it purposefully so that as the exhibit goes on, the sculpture will slowly deterioriate making the creative process more interesting than the actual end result.

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A Big Freaking Idea

Innovative non traditional viral out of home promotional communications that redefines the interstate as well as the automobile as a channel for non traditional peer to peer message placement.

Yes, I’m available for hire so throw money at me.

Conversation from a Meeting

One of my friends was talking about how she regretted getting a tattoo.

Friend: I’m an art director and it bothers me that my body is poorly art directed.

中国嘻哈, Mainland v. Taiwan

I remember listening to two guys talk about hip hop a while ago, it seemed like it was a huge soap opera with feuds and smacking talking and everything. And Chinese hip hop it’s no different, except this time it’s Mainland v. Taiwan.

It started when a traveling basketball team from Jiangsu, China was playing some teams in Taiwan. Apparently the game got physical and one of the Mainland players threw a badass elbow that gave the Taiwanese player a bloody nose and a black eye. Afterwards, the guy didn’t apologize and a lot of people got pissed off. Here’s the coverage from Taiwanese TV.

Right after, 大支 , a pro-Taiwan rapper know for doing a lot of his stuff in Tawainese, released a track about it with all the standard Chinese disses relating to family and nationality. Very important cultural cue for what’s valued in this culture:

你媽是漢奸你爺爺是走狗你爸爸是賣國賊 你就是漢奸走狗賣國賊
Translation: Your mom is a Han (Chinese) whore. Your grandfather is a dog. Your father is a traitor. That means you’re a Han whore dog traitor.

And for good measure, he has a line in there about how the China national team jacks off Yao Ming. This sounds way more impressive in Chinese in front of a beat, I promise. Get the track here.

And then from here, there is this epic back and forth between Mainland and Taiwanese underground hip hop artists. And what started as unsportsmanlike conduct is turning into a huge chest thumping match based on nationalism.

Click here to go to a blog that has documented the entire thing.