Beauty as Access

Thanks to all those who commented on the last post about beauty, it was helpful in the direction we eventually took for the project.

I was doing some research for the project and found this article off of about a writer’s argument that beauty and aesthetics has a place in the fine arts. However there was a line in there which I’m taking completely out of context to think about. But it’s so strong that I think it can stand on it’s own.

…beauty leads to social equality; that beauty is democratic…

This quote led me to refer back to my idea of combining beauty and access, but this time beauty grants access.

Think back to all the American Idol type of reality shows where kids go in convinced of their own greatness and that great longing to become famous. Then there’s that Sweet Sixteen show where kids set themselves up to be treated like stars. And then Youtube, which is full of kids cam-ing it up, turning themselves into semi-celebs as well.

What this little insight might imply is that beauty for them is way to access fame or to feel famous. This is unique to this generation because celebrity hype and coverage wasn’t as intense for the older generations (at least I don’t think so).


One response to “Beauty as Access”

  1. monica says :

    i’m sorry but i think that quote is totally and completely bogus. beauty is elitist, as the author of the article offers up. it leads to people putting other people on pedestals and paying them money to endorse products. beauty comes down to being offered a great (looking) hand in life of either genetics and/or money.

    -just another sour ugly girl 😉

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