Conversation from the Couch

We’re pretty into So You Think You Can Dance around the house. And around the house everyone knows that I’m really into the host – Cat Deely – who is 5’9” without heels and towers over everyone on the show.

Friend: Dude, you two would look good together.

Me: Hells yeah. But everyone would be wondering if I was some Korean boy she had just adopted.


For a bonus “Conversation from the Streets” head over to Ted’s blog. Sneak preview: a gay man approaches me on the street on my way home from work.


4 responses to “Conversation from the Couch”

  1. Mariscia says :

    Nien, You are funny as hell…”a Korean boy she just adopted”..LOL!!!

  2. monica says :

    luscious lips? i have to remember that one…

  3. Derek says :

    If it were possible, and socially acceptable I would definitely adopt Nien.

  4. wu says :

    dude. updates!

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