I Bought a Hat that Doesn’t Fit


After weeks of deliberation, I decided to buy this hat. It was $32 bucks and it doesn’t even fit me correctly, but I love the idea so much.

It’s a Giant Robot / Know1edge collaboration that I read about in Giant Robot magazine (an interesting business model in it of itself). Giant Robot is the Asian pop culture mag out on the west coast and Know1edge is a HK street wear company.

The design of the hat is a homage to HK culture. The flannel looking pattern is the same pattern that those “amah” bags are made of (if you’ve been in an Asian airport you see those things everywhere). Earlier, my friend mentioned what the deal was with all the Chinese pride stuff that was coming out lately. And I could see her point because a lot of the stuff is very upfront and direct – aggressive to a point which can be unappealing to some.

This hat, I feel, is a firm yet subtle way to say the same thing. The idea is ubiquitous and exclusive at the same time.


5 responses to “I Bought a Hat that Doesn’t Fit”

  1. monica says :

    cool hat 🙂

  2. Ollie says :

    I dig it too. I want one. Where do I get it? Lately I’ve been on an Asian pride rampage…and most recently, Canadian pride…must have something to do with moving to Chicago.

  3. nien says :

    you can order it off of giantrobot.com

    or come to nyc and find it in the soho area.

  4. oakie says :

    haha…thanks for reminding “amah” bags. I got the point and well graphic in my mind.

  5. Ari says :

    It’s a cool hat. Worth $32…debatable. But I like it.

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