Conversation from the Couch

A buddy and I were watching TV the other day and we saw one of those commercials for those shaving razors for women with the soapy moisturizer stuff on the outside.

Me: Can a guy use that? I mean technically we can right?

Friend: Yeah, but you’d be a bitch.

Me: Who would know! It’s in your bathroom!

Friend: Then why don’t you get one!

Me: No!


5 responses to “Conversation from the Couch”

  1. Sean says :

    hmmm i would like to know who the other half is on this im guessing abneeth?

  2. not eb says :

    I wish we could get away with smelling like strawberries.

  3. nien says :

    that other half was no other than mr. tedward burdett. by the way, y’all should go to his blog for a nice treat. y’all won’t be disappointed.

  4. Abhineet says :

    …only if you knew the conversations btwn one-night-stand-Ted and his roommate. need i say more

  5. Sean says :

    what… one night stand ted.
    Who is this character? I am sure ill here the story in Aug.

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