Conversation on GTalk/Meebo

Friend: I like that you’re majoring in marketing but excited that you’re not going to be doing advertising

Me: did you download my portfolio?

Friend: I have not yet, should I?

Friend: I probably should.

Me: i don’t have any ads in there either

Me: it’s a new thing im doing

Friend: dammit, Nien, I can’t call you a corporate whore if you keep being all nonconformist and shit

Me: that’s going on the blog

Friend: I like that any time we have a conversation on gtalk something that one of us says goes on your blog

Me: heh

Friend: it’s very meta

Me: “meta”?

Friend: we talk about advertising

Friend: then you talk about how you’re going to be putting it on the blog

Friend: and then I reference other times in which you have posted gmail conversations on your blog

Friend: to be totally pretentious you’re kind of breaking the fourth wall

Friend: this all becoming so postmodern I don’t know what to do


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