Chinese Basketball

Rarely do I post about actual ads on here, but this one is pretty cool. It’s a literal timeline for the state of Chinese basketball. It’s a Nike ad for some shoe, but it features Yi Jianlian who is predicted to be the 5th pick in this year’s NBA draft. He’s a seven footer who gets air – not Yao Ming air – but air-air. Check out the video.

I remember a couple of years ago, they were in the middle of an international tournament and Yao Ming criticized the Chinese basketball program because it didn’t emphasize athleticism and that the playing style was not aggressive enough. That bit (and how the basketball team keeps getting dunked on) showed that the national program seemed pretty out of date. However, I remember playing against some students at Tongji and those guys were all flying around doing the And1 stuff. The disconnect was interesting and it still is because of the possibilities. After they finish copying the new style, I’m sure they’ll start to add their own interpretation and that’s where it gets cool.

Another interesting bit: the background song is done by a Beijing hip hop group composed of three guys: two white and one Japanese.


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