Don’t Bother Me I’m Working

Lately, I’ve been thinking about personal communications and how we talk to each other. Frankly, I don’t think we do. I think personal communications is really just a monologue with an audience (more on that later). But this little exercise reminded me of a paper I wrote in my second week of class during the first semester. I was supposed to write about why I am going to be a great leader. The result, landed me in the dog house for the semester (and probably a lifetime ban from my professor’s agency). But, after these past few days, I am convinced that this is what I believe in:


Don’t Bother Me I’m Working

This assignment is the biggest load of crap ever and I’m reluctant to take part in this exercise of self fellatio because:

* It seems to me that the more time we spend thinking about why we are going to be the greatest, the less time we spend working;

* The more emphasis we put on such a narrow goal, the less like we are to see the big picture;

* The more effort we spend trumpeting our accomplishments and strengths to assert our position among the greatest, the less effort we spend listening;

* The more energy we spend trying to figure out how to be great leaders, the less energy we have left to learn how to be great teachers;

* The more obsessed we become about our status as great leaders, the less obsessed we become about grooming our predecessors;

* The more we are convinced that we need to be recognized for greatness, the more convinced we are that humility is not important.

So, as this parade of self promotion weaves its way through idiocy and shamelessness and ends with an orgy of self satisfaction; do me a favor and don’t bother me, I’m working.



3 responses to “Don’t Bother Me I’m Working”

  1. Taylor says :

    Dude, this is cool on so many levels. You’re spot on about how actions speak louder than words. And it takes some balls to call a professor’s assignment an “exercise of self fellatio”. Ha, awesome!

  2. lovelesscynic says :

    I’m torn between a desire to name you my favorite person of the month, and horror that you actually sent this to your prof.

    That said, the bit about “The more energy we spend trying to figure out how to be great leaders, the less energy we have left to learn how to be great teachers;” was a very nice sideswipe.

  3. nien says :

    thanks guys. i wish i had sent this out a long time ago. would’ve saved me 12 weeks of angst.

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