Efficent Communications

I’ve noticed that a lot of people in the ad business casually swear like sailors. While I’m not offended by swearing, it just seems very inefficient to me.

I tend to think that swear words are used to express anger, disgust, frustration and so on. The point is, these words are emotionally charged. What happens when we use them casually? They loose meaning. And how do we make those emotions more apparent? By overexerting ourselves through yelling louder, shaking our fists, and getting all red.

This seems to be a good metaphor for advertising these days. We casually sell stuff based on these emotionally charged pitches – coolness, success, hope, joy, satisfaction, etc. And since everyone is using the same appeals, those emotions become meaningless, people tune it out. So how do we fix it? Increasing frequency. Buying more ad space and cleverly doing that thing where we buy the same time slot of multiple channels so no one can escape that crunchy, chewy almond-y goodness.

I guess the point is that we should be more thoughtful. We should aspire to be that one guy who can convey an extreme emotion just by staring at you.


One response to “Efficent Communications”

  1. lovelesscynic says :

    Perhaps we can bottle an essence of Japanese fathers and sell it then. Because my dad can totally do that.

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