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Buy This CD…

even if you don’t speak Chinese.



Conversation From a Friend’s House

I was at my friend’s house watching the game when we saw the Diet Pepsi commercial with the football players ab-libbing stuff.

Friend #1: Nien!! That was so stupid!!

And then she slaps* me.

Friend #2: Hi five!

Afterwards, she slaps* me again.

Friend #1: And that’s for those Head On commercials!

Friend #2: Hi five!

I guess it’s appropriate since I’m going back to school soon.

*The slaps were more like gentle pats on the cheek.

Changes at the Adcenter

We got an email from Boyko a couple of days ago about how they hired four new professors (Fenske, Scott Whithaus, Charles Hall, Caley Cantrell). Admittedly, I only care about the Caley Cantrell hire because we’ve been wondering about who was going to replace Charlie Kouns. Here’s that part of the email:

As most of you know, Charlie Kouns, former head of the Communications Strategy track, moved to San Francisco in May. After an extensive search and interview process, we are thrilled to welcome Caley Cantrell as the new head of the Communications Strategy track. Caley has been an adjunct professor at the Adcenter for the past year, and we’re very lucky she’s chosen to join us full time. Caley has both Account Management and Strategic Planning experience working on brands like CoverGirl, Olympus, Delta, Sprint, etc. for agencies in New York City, San Francisco and Richmond. Before joining us, Caley was SVP, Group Management Supervisor at The Martin Agency. She’ll be teaching Advanced Portfolio Development and Strategic Thinking this spring.

Woo! Onwards and upwards!

Hipster Bingo

I found this off of Something Awful.


Seattle v. Richmond

Since coming home a lot of people have been asking me how I like Richmond.

Seattle: Statue of Jimi Hendrix
Richmond: Statue of Robert E. Lee

Richmond: Asian people, few and far between
Seattle: Black people, few and far between

Richmond: White people ask me if I’m Japanese
Seattle: White people tell me I’m Japanese

Seattle: Christians come to my house to ‘save’ me
Richmond: Christians stop me in the street to ‘save’ me

Richmond: Greasy soul food (kind of)
Seattle: Organic granola hippie feed

Two More Thoughts to Guide Me Through School

Before I started school, I had three items to keep in mind while I was studying. After slogging through half the year, I think it’s appropriate to add two more:

1. Think positive.
2. Stop hiding behind abstractions.

Conversations from a Get Together

I was showing off my new phone.

Me: Check it out, it flips and it has COLOR!!

Friend: Welcome to 1999 Nien.