Conversation From a Friend’s House

I was at my friend’s house watching the game when we saw the Diet Pepsi commercial with the football players ab-libbing stuff.

Friend #1: Nien!! That was so stupid!!

And then she slaps* me.

Friend #2: Hi five!

Afterwards, she slaps* me again.

Friend #1: And that’s for those Head On commercials!

Friend #2: Hi five!

I guess it’s appropriate since I’m going back to school soon.

*The slaps were more like gentle pats on the cheek.


2 responses to “Conversation From a Friend’s House”

  1. amy says :

    🙂 i’m glad she didn’t hurt you.

  2. oakie says :

    Nien, just take a break and learn to stay awake. The school will be back soon.

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