Changes at the Adcenter

We got an email from Boyko a couple of days ago about how they hired four new professors (Fenske, Scott Whithaus, Charles Hall, Caley Cantrell). Admittedly, I only care about the Caley Cantrell hire because we’ve been wondering about who was going to replace Charlie Kouns. Here’s that part of the email:

As most of you know, Charlie Kouns, former head of the Communications Strategy track, moved to San Francisco in May. After an extensive search and interview process, we are thrilled to welcome Caley Cantrell as the new head of the Communications Strategy track. Caley has been an adjunct professor at the Adcenter for the past year, and we’re very lucky she’s chosen to join us full time. Caley has both Account Management and Strategic Planning experience working on brands like CoverGirl, Olympus, Delta, Sprint, etc. for agencies in New York City, San Francisco and Richmond. Before joining us, Caley was SVP, Group Management Supervisor at The Martin Agency. She’ll be teaching Advanced Portfolio Development and Strategic Thinking this spring.

Woo! Onwards and upwards!


3 responses to “Changes at the Adcenter”

  1. David says :

    I thought Mark Fenske was working as the Coke CD at W+K…

  2. Nien says :

    This is what we got from Boyko:

    “I’m happy to tell you he’s decided to return to the Adcenter this semester and he’ll be teaching Advanced Portfolio Development. In addition to teaching, Mark will also be advising and reviewing portfolios for creative students one-on-one.”

    Usually he also teaches Creative Thinking fall semester, which wasn’t mentioned in the email. So, I’m not sure what his thing is. We’ll know more when school starts up.

  3. Nien says :

    Update: Fenske quit his job at W+K.

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