Conversations from the Courts

My friends started calling me Kim Jung Il when we play basketball for some reason. And today, I fully embraced the idea when I served up a sweet assist and shouted:

Me: Handing out them rations! Eat it up bitch!


8 responses to “Conversations from the Courts”

  1. oakie says :

    is Kim Jung Il korean name?

  2. Nien Liu says :

    yup, kim jung il is the dictator of north korea.

  3. joe says :

    the latest dictator just got hanged…snap out of it dude…=)

  4. oakie says :

    Oh i see, It seems your friends really love you so much

  5. Nien Liu says :

    hahaha, Thanit, I think you’ll find humor in the States quite delightful when you get here. =)

  6. El Gaffney says :

    Hi Nien/Kim, good stuff here. Make me think of the Prince skit on Chappelle’s Show – “Game…blouses.” Hope after winning you took your friends inside and served them pancakes…or roasted donkey.

  7. lovelesscynic says :

    so I have you to thank for this

  8. amy says :

    you’re too good looking to be referred to as kim jung il.

    oh. i meant it the other way around; he’s too good looking. muahahaha. 🙂

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