Branding 2.0

Kevin Rothermel had a post about his horrible experience with Delta airlines that talked about how no matter how much advertising they do, it will never make the experience better. I know someone left a comment about how they’re going to turn it around. It’ll be interesting to see what happens becuase I tend to think that unless they work for Delta in the operations department, I don’t know how it’s going to work.

But it’s a common thing where a company’s messaging doesn’t fulfill the promise they make because their core competencies just can’t do it. However, I was thinking about the Web 2.0 thing and realized that companies of the future may not have this problem because of the way they and the entire industry is structured.

The idea is that the companies (websites and web apps) they are creating are dynamic – it can be changed or manipulated fairly quickly by the company or the user, which ensures that the core competencies are up to par.

But also, this makes the consumer an active part of the brand and company because they have control (though limited) over the core competency through open source or API features. Theoretically, this will allow each user to have a different brand experience without the company making any additional investments. This gives the brand sustainable qualities because it allows the consumer to drive it towards the next stage, ensuring its relevance for a long time.


One response to “Branding 2.0”

  1. sean staley says :

    I couldnt agree more! ad campaign are easy to create, teaching thousands of employees to live up to expectations created within the ads is a long tedious process. To Get to that point you have make compaines take a long look in the mirror.In a world of infalted ego’s and “who are you to tell me my business” this is extremely diffcult.

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