64.4% of Chinese People Don’t Want to Be Chinese

And 38.1% of those people say that because they feel that Chinese people get no respect. I’ve been suspecting this for a while so I’m not as surprised as I am incredibly disappointed by the fact that this bit of what was formerly anecdotal evidence has been actually quantified.

A while ago, my friend told me that culture changes and our parents’ ideaof what the homeland is, is only a snapshot of what it was back then. Of course I argued that it’s not true as technology has allowed us to keep in contact and change and grow with the culture. But in retrospect it doesn’t matter because the pace of change in China is so ridiculous that the only way to keep up is to actually be there.

It’s sort of been a thing for some self conscience Chinese American kids to go back to visit the homeland either to alleviate the guilt of self induced whitewashing or to discover themselves and what it means to be Chinese. Now they can never do that. Well, I guess they can, but they’ll be tremendously disappointed.  

The stats are reported on Danwei.


2 responses to “64.4% of Chinese People Don’t Want to Be Chinese”

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  2. Nien Liu says :

    hm…interesting. ive never thought of it that way.

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