Watch Hip Hop Enslave the Masses

Over the weekend a classmate was telling me about hip hop in the South. He was alluding to the localization of hip hop and how it serves the different communities around it. It made sense at first, but I still don’t buy it.

Hip hop about booty shaking goodness is not a speciality of the South. They’re just repackaging the same ideas and themes from commercialized hip hop. But as my classmate was pointing out, people who listen to this music have crappy jobs and they don’t want to listen to stuff about social issues and justic because they live it already.

I can understand the situation, but I won’t accept it.

Consider the influence hip hop is wielding: people have no money, but they listen to songs about money, and then they go spend money that they don’t have. Hip hop is so shamelessly commercialized that nobody owns it anymore because they’re all working for the dollar. All rappers want to blow up so they let the market dictate what they’re going to do. Likewise, if the market dictates the message, then it dictates the people who receive it as well.

This is why hip hop is dead. It has become a tool that corporations use to make money and maintain the socio-economic status quo. So, if we are still talking about localization of hip hop, they yes, I would say it’s been cosmetically localized across the entire nation.


6 responses to “Watch Hip Hop Enslave the Masses”

  1. wellcookedrice says :

    will you back me up and help me tell Amy Hong that hip hop is not the great political savior for Black America? Ain’t it more like a burden?

  2. Nien Liu says :

    i agree. and so does joe. i guess that’s 3 v 1, but i think amy is talking about conscience hip hop, which can be the great political savior for black america except nobody listens to it.

  3. sean staley says :

    well since this classmate in question was me here goes. and please take no offense Nien. First lets start with my explanation of southern hip hop, yes many off the songs are about get crunk, pimpin bitches candy paint, grillz… etc. One question Nien have you ever been to Miami, Atlanta, New Orleans, Texas, Carolina, cause a lot cats there were in to all this things before mainstream artist got on the style in fact a lot of the artist from the south that are now blowing up toiled in the underground of their respective cites for years… yeah guess what underground hip hop doesn’t have to be a bunch social politcal shit ryhmed about in a bad cadence(better known as flow) that connects with with a few people who have the benefit of good homes and the educational and advantges that provides(many of there rhymes come from book knowledge not what they fromlife experience).Hip hop is anexpression of experiences and sometime its about have a good damn time… But also back to the south in addition to all the gettin crunk and hustlin there is some real talk ..going on listen to 8ball&mjg’s Cd in my life, scarface, the geto boys, outkast, shit even TI and lil wayne have their moments of reflection about whats going on around there old neighbor hoods and how fucked up it is…..Now on to hip hop is dead that statement is just about commercialized and mainstream as any hip hop cliché disgruntled hip hops fan use this shit all the time and its pure bullshit, if you dig beneath the surface of the mainstream the music evolving immensely at creative level. listen to something jdilla did before he passed or what lupe fiasco is doing…Takes this into perspective Nien while mc hammer was dancin for KFC in ads in the lates 80s beneath the surface hip was going through what was is now called the golden age(rakim, krs,PE slick rick etc…) so commercialization has been here for along time. Why it may seem overwhelming and disheartening now a days is the simple fact hip hop is selling us everything which is has two big reasons:
    1. its the biggest cultural phenomena within the last 50 years point blank you… we cant lock something this huge and world changing in box hoping that smart ad people(which you are training to be ) wont use it to create relationship between products and potential consumers.. to think otherwise is to live in fantasyland, and for the artist who do appear in commercials fuck it .. guess what there’s no pension for rappers.
    2. We live in media, environment that has accelerated a 1000% in our lifetime everything is everywhere all the time you cannot stop this process and would you want too if so innovations like bloggin may have never come about??

    Hip hop is not dead!!! dig a little deeper listen a little more closely and please don’t dismiss and artist or region just because it different from what you came up on.. do I say fuck Seattle hip hop and dismiss it as unauthentic cause the only break out hit you have ever had was Sir mix a lot?? No hip hop is personal medium but is up to you to make it personal… the mainstream has always been about bullshit, its just now more people are listening> final note on this rant your views seem highly naive and judgmental about things which I don’t think you really have true understanding of .. i think you should (again) dig a little deeper into regionalized hip hop scenes before making broad generalizations that you broadcast on the internet…

    Will continue this discussion over beers this weekend

  4. Nien Liu says :

    whoa! this post is longer than my original post! good stuff though and you’re right, let’s continue this over beers this weekend.


  5. taylor says :

    Hey with your fancy advertising school learning maybe you can make a ad mourning the death of hip hop. You know, something like the indian crying over the littered can but instead of an indian you could use lil jon and instead of a can you could use a mac-10. Oh yeah, and be sure to throw is some girls in bikinis and a escalade. No, better yet, and escalade with spinners! Don’t forget the benjamins and the crystal.

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