Facebook Frenzy

Facebook rolled out a feed feature that captures all the changes your friends make to their profiles and lists them for you to see. Everyone is flipping out about this because they see it as an invasion of privacy. However, what they don’t realize is that this information is all public to begin with and on top of that, only your friends can get your feed.

This not only shows people’s ignorance about their perceived privacy as well as feeds in general, but it begs me to ask the question: if they aren’t you friends, then why did you add them to begin with? I guess the 1,293 people on your profile are not all your friends.

The funny thing now is that my friend can’t drop people off his list because it’ll get recorded in the feed and everyone will know he’s a jerk.


3 responses to “Facebook Frenzy”

  1. smelly says :

    In my defense, I only added her because she sent me a request, denying it would have made me look like a jerk anyway…. and i only want to drop her cause i don’t really care that someone i havn’t seen in five years has added little miss sunshine to her list of favorite movies

  2. katie (facada. hi!) says :

    even though the information is readily available, it’s often not sought because of time constraints. now it’s the first thing you see on the profile. i think they’re mainly pissed off because other people will know immediately how much they are on facebook and adding people and friends and all that. instead of being out doing, er, other things.

  3. fvh says :

    HHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA you both are idiots!

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