The Christian Marketing Program

I went out to go look for some stuff for a project. On my way back, I was going through an alley when a guy stopped to ask me: “Are you Korean?”

I was surprised that it took a week for someone to ask me that. But, our conversation was amicable until it drifted towards Christianity. Here the guy started getting a little more aggressive and poignant with his questions and was clearly in attack mode (convert that heathen!). Soon enough I just asked him: “Are you recruiting or something?” in which he backed down and left me alone.

Now I understand that not every Christian sees me as a potential convert. I have friends who are Christian and some of them haven’t even bothered trying. But what does astound me is how fast this religion is growing and how sophisticated they are in converting people. I think they’ve got it right: it’s all about being opportunistic.

A while ago, I met a guy who was preparing to go on a mission to Africa where he would dig wells and teach the basics of first aid to people in the area. He says he’s also going to hang around with this Bible to lure the curious in as well, but the idea and execution itself is pretty sweet.

It is behavioral targeting at its best. They are going into areas and situations where things are terrible and offering hope. In parts of Africa where years of civil war and drought have created hell on earth, all you need is a pulse to understand the desperation of the people. If Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is still a hip thing to refer to, these people are on the bottom rung, with self actualization far away from their minds. But as the services help guide them up the ladder, they do so with Christianity as a crutch- both as a metaphorical and literal reminder.

This is preditory. These people are in no position to think critically about what they are getting themselves into. And once they are in, they can never get out because they’ve been conditioned into thinking Christianity saved them and not the goodwill of their fellow man.

Now, I’m not saying that Christians have no right to be doing the things they’re doing. In fact, I’m more upset with the Jihadists for not being right there with the Christians trying to win the hearts and minds of the masses. How great would that be? A war of who digs the best wells and the farms the best corn.


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