Three Thoughts to Guide Me Through School

Now that I just finished my last day at work, I can spare some brain power to look ahead:

  1. Every agency (advertising and PR) in Seattle has told me to go away and leave them alone. Hopefully after VCU Adcenter, I can get through the front door before they tell me to go away and leave them alone.
  2. Someone told me that people like me need to be two times better than my peers to get a job and four times better than them to keep it.
  3. If I knew anything about advertising I wouldn’t be here, I would already be working.  

3 responses to “Three Thoughts to Guide Me Through School”

  1. Oakie says :

    1 After 2 years at Adcenter, the agencies will come to you.
    2 your peers will ask you to help them get a job or keep it.
    3 You will not only know about advertising, but also something else.

    Hope my points help! (Not too optimistic?)

  2. joe says :

    the important thing is that you believe in yourself that you can make it. this is why most probably, you are there!

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