I Can Think of a Million Evil Things to Do With This

While I was looking for an article that was mentioned on my friend’s blog about how attractive women become less happy as they get older, I found a research paper about how women’s preferences for men changes based on where she is during her menstrual cycle.

Women prefer men who are more masculine when they are ovulating and men who are more feminine (relatively speaking) when they are not. Of course they would consider the more masculine man for a short term relationship and the more feminine man for a long term relationship. But, that’s not as interesting as this sweet chart they included in the paper:

With this chart, we can pinpoint to the day how a woman will react when we present her with a certain type of guy.

I wonder if agencies have this data on file and run certain versions of their commercials for certain days of the month. Consider this behavioral targeting at its creepiest. I don’t know if this is totally screwed up or the best idea ever.


2 responses to “I Can Think of a Million Evil Things to Do With This”

  1. Oakie says :

    Nien, Which one you prefer to be? Masculine or Feminine?

  2. Nien Liu says :

    Oakie, as you can see from the chart, I would prefer to be more masculine during the first 11 days of her cycle and then more feminine the rest of the time. 😉

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