Tips From Alumni of the Adcenter #8

Don’t worry what anybody else is doing, don’t give a shit if anyone thinks anything is good or not, they don’t have any more a clue than you.


One response to “Tips From Alumni of the Adcenter #8”

  1. Charlie Kouns says :

    The first few weeks at the Adcenter can be some of the most intimidating of your life. For the first time, you are among an amazing group of individuals and it is really easy to put yourself on trial and find yourself guilty of being inadequate. The funny thing is that most everyone else is as well. Almost everyone fakes it though and acts like they are super cool and taking it in stride. HA! Inside there are major earthquakes with lava spewing all over their self image hardening it to stone. The few who have the cajones to admit it are the ones who get through it the quickest. My advice is to put your head down, do the assignments to the best of your ability and be humbled by the professors, not the posturing of your fellow students. You will be a better graduate because of it. There is a marvelous magic process at the Adcenter – trust it.

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