Papa’s Got Some New Socks!!

I just got one of those 6 packs of low cut socks. I remember when I used to work at K-Mart, everyone would rip open those packages to check out the socks and we’d have tons of open packages that we couldn’t sell. Well, the geniuses at Hanes put those little zip loc things on it so you can bust it open without damaging the packaging. The only bad thing is the possibility that someone may have put those socks on their nasty feet. 

Buying those socks was kind of a nostalgic thing for me. Back in the day, we were so poor that we couldn’t afford socks. So we’d just wear them until they literally disintegrated. Even though things have gotten better, I still can’t kick the habit. I still think a sock with a hole in the toe, heel and where the ball of my foot is at is still a good sock.

 But wow, I got new socks today and I feel rich.


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