Nail Them White Girls

I just found Ali Eteraz’s blog by chance. He’s a moderate Islamic essayist who wrote a piece about race, gender, empowerment and equality.

The essay titled “Nail Them White Girls” is about how white women are the model of how a marginalized group can gain equality without violence, compromise or religion. However, despite these achievements, he says that society still find ways to underplay her value to the world:

But, really, what has she reaped from us for her service? Those that formerly ruled her with law, now rule her with the video camera. Those that ensconced her in corsets now esconce her in nudity. Those whom she is most akin to: the oppressed of the world, teach one another that despite all her fight for freedom she is just a slut. And if you ever marry her, she’s gullible enough that you can marry a second time on her.

While this is a very elegant essay, it’s ideas are very abstract and philosophical. On the level that it’s being presented, yes, white women do appear to have beat oppression. But doesn’t that block of text above show that white women in fact haven’t achieved as much as Eteraz claims? What started off as physical, cultural and societal oppression has turned into psychological oppression that causes the self doubt, loathing and insecurities that allow women to control themselves.

Also, Eteraz doesn’t hit very hard on real world examples. Many feminist (and perhaps just normal women) would disagree citing many examples in the workplace and in academia.

But don’t get me wrong, I loved the essay, I loved the idea and for a minute I loved white women.


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