TXTual Healing

Artist Paul Notzold is running an art project that is centered around what happens when we share our private thoughts in public. He projects a giant thought bubble on the side of a building and invites people to put words in there by text messaging a phone number he sets up.  

Here’s one he did in Beijing:


I couldn’t read anything in the bubbles. They were either too small or they were trying to spell out a foreign name in Chinese. But, I remember CCTV had MTVish program where they played love songs and people would text in love messages and it would be displayed on a ticker.

I guess it’s an old idea and it’s very similar to Ji Lee’s Bubble Project in that it’s re-appropriating public space for private use. But I think it’s still pretty cool nonetheless.


One response to “TXTual Healing”

  1. Sharon says :

    I could make out some of the word=> _友_的地盘,轮_的天下

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