Techies vs. Marketing


Those of you who read Dilbert will recognize this as a running gag. But those of you who rock the 9-5 will recognize someone who will actually do that someone in the marketing department.

I’ve talked to some tech people who will say that marketing people are exclusive and elitist. It’s just like in high school when the cool kids were all flash and no substance and the dorky kids had no flash but all substance. It’s also everything from marketing people being housed in a different part of the building to marketing not making concessions on things as simple as meeting places.

Also tech people seem to be cynical about how marketing talks about and sells the product they created. The source of the pain seems to be that we don’t really understand what we’re selling, which leads to awkward slogans like: “Are you people ready?” 

Marketing people don’t seem to be aware that there’s a problem. Whenever there’s tension, we just assume that the engineering team has sand in their panties and it’ll go away. But at the same time marketing has goals and objectives that are extremely time sensitive that engineering might not care to work on right away.

Lastly, there seems to be a fundamental misunderstanding between how each department works. I would say that marketing is task oriented (because that’s how the marketing plan is laid out) for all the mid to entry level people and engineering is much more creative because they’re building things. This means that one half of the building is typing furiously away on their keyboards and the other half is playing Mario Kart on the DS’ waiting for ‘inspiration’. Imagine walking over to that side of the building after a grueling work day. You’d be pretty pissed too.


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