It’s On!!

A couple of days ago, an ad agency called created a short viral video showing why they would be the best ad agency for Subway. Click on the link to watch it.

Everyone is ripping this video for being tacky and lame and cheesy. But at the same time, people are talking about it right? So it can’t be all for loss.

Anyway, Coudal Partners, another agency made a spoof video about’s pitch for the Subway account. It’s kind of funny, but the thought and idea that an agency CEO wanted to do this is funnier. It’s something college kids would do. I hope all the agencies get into it. Check it out here:


One response to “It’s On!!”

  1. jackson says :

    man…to think of the huevos of has to do this kind of “viral” video. i wonder what would happen if you were working for and and you refused to be part of it.
    here are my thoughts.
    1) i’m not so sure people want to see how ad agencies work. there is a magic about how great ads come through…but without knowing what kind of work was involved in doing it.
    2) those guys on the video were wanting to be *cool*
    3) i wonder if subway is watching that thinking “cut’em…now!”
    4) if the video was more about the history and story of subway…that would be interesting. but a bunch of diesel pants wearing new yorkers who work at an ad agency don’t make a video interesting.

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