Four More Kinds of People Who Visit Museums

My friend Sharon has a post with personality profiles of people who go to museums. It’s pretty interesting, but I think she left out a few (yeah I know, I’m kind of bastard):

1. Ivan I-wanna-go-home

He was dragged to the museum against his will by his mom/wife/girlfriend. place plenty of benches for him to sit and pout. or build a lounge area where he can watch the game while his mom/wife/girlfriend enjoys the museum.

2. Paul the Poser

He goes the the museum to appear smart and cultured even though he’s a two bit hack who is possibly illiterate. Highlight and underline all the key words that he should memorize for cocktail conversations. Also, spell out the longer words phonetically.

3. Debbie who Donates

She donated lots of money towards the museum. Put her name up on the wall really really big in big gold letters so she feels appreciated and so that she will give more money next time you ask.

4. Barbara the Brat

She’s on a field trip with the rest of the class. She’s hyperactive and suffers from ADHD so she’ll be bouncing off the walls, touching things that shouldn’t be touched and screaming like banshee. Build a cage to hold all the little Barbaras that come through.


One response to “Four More Kinds of People Who Visit Museums”

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