Those Who Throw Rocks Are the Best History Students

In Seattle, a Muslim man walked into the Jewish Federation and shot six women, killing one. The guy was apparently bi-polar. And the Muslim community has already condemned the shootings.

As you can probably guess, there’s a lot of local coverage hovering around this incident. A lot of people calling it “senseless violence” and baffled about how “anyone can do something like this”. 

Now, I’m not a terrorist or a sympathizer. (For the CIA spooks: I am not a terrorist). But it seems painfully obvious to me how something like this can happen- “those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it”.

The tensions between Israel and the surround Arab community are well documented. To try to understand the reason why there is so much violence is like peeling the largest onion in the world. So many layers. But each act of violence is in response to something that happened historically and an attempt to rectify the situation. While doing something so destructive, they are actually doing something constructive (in their mind) by being vigilant about their histories and trying to control their futures.

It’s much different than what we have here in America where a heavily abbreviated version of history is taught to everyone so we don’t even have the opportunity rebel. I’ll admit, their history is more tramautic than ours and the effects of the past are much more apparent in their present. But the reason why we can’t understand their plight is because the history we’ve been taught in high school conditions us to be passive and accept the fact the “that was in the past, and it’s different now”. All the conflicts have been glazed over.   


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