Attack of the Niens

I have a little stats page that keeps track of the traffic coming into this blog. I noticed yesterday that someone found this thing by searching for “Nien blog”. I got curious and Googled it and it confirmed everything I was in denial about: I actually have a girl’s name. It’s not just girly, “Nien” or “Nian” is actually for girls like “Sophie” or “Emma”. Check it out:

Meet Nien Cheng, a Chinese American author who wrote “Life and Death in Shanghai”.

Meet Hai Nien, who says in her profile that she’s a really emotional person.

Meet Nien, whose favorite book is “Catcher in the Rye”.

Meet Nian, who eats snails.

Meet Nian, who is a fashion designer in California.


2 responses to “Attack of the Niens”

  1. Sharon says :

    Do you need us to post something on our blog to counter all that? Something like “Nien is such a masculine name.” or a fictional entertainment news such as ” ‘Nien’is predicted to be the most popular name for sons in 2006 after Britney Spears decides to name her future son ‘Nien’.” =P

  2. lovelesscynic says :

    Congratulations! You’re popular. I like that you try to control your internet image by posts to your blog. Therefore becoming the definitive authority on yourself.

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