Calling All Communication Strategists!

When I got that email about the curriculum change, I held back from posting a knee jerk reaction about it. After a couple of days of thought, I’ve concluded that yes, this will be a good thing because it means I will kick more ass and will have the ability to apply for two times as many jobs as before. But the bad thing is who the heck knows what a Communication Strategist is?

I got an email from someone recently who is looking for an account planning job in Seattle because the small town shops don’t respect or use this role. His example of a small town was Dallas!

So my concern is while this is an innovative position and is totally cutting edge, will the agencies keep up? Will they appreciate it? Will agency recruiters know what to do with me when I tell them I studied communication strategy?

Even the web has conflicting definitions for a communication strategist:

“They’ve looked hard at the way companies use language and the results they achieve, and they’ve sought out new ways of making language work better for their clients. That may involve introducing new forms of communication (migrating paper-based memos to email, for example) or it may mean running poetry workshops in law firms, to improve personal communication skills.” From the Writer, first result on Google when you search for “communication strategist”.   

The rest of the results introduce guys with experience that seem to skew towards internal corporate communications and not advertising. I checked Advertising Age and found nothing. I checked Russell Davies’ blog and nothing. I checked the Brand New blog and nothing. Not even Rm116 has anything on it. 

Maybe the Adcenter is launching a super sweet (possibly super stealthy) word of mouth campaign amongst industry folk so they know what do with us when we get out.


3 responses to “Calling All Communication Strategists!”

  1. Oakie says :

    In my viewpoint, communication strategist sounds great. one communication strategist can be strategic planner or media planner. I heard that there is one position in Carat New York, called connection planner. It sounds like communication strategist? I have no evidence coz i am living in Thailand. I can say that some of my friends have title as an Assistant communication planning manager. (i think this title is too long), while another media agencies have “communication channel strategist.” I totally agree with you that who knows what a communication strategistis? and the trend is coming.

  2. kevin r. says :

    Don’t worry about this. The agency’s that you’ll want to work at will know that you can be a planner. Agency’s all call it something different anyways, and having media knowledge will only make you valuable.

  3. joshb says :

    Hey man. Found this thru kevin r. I actually am a Communication Planner (least that’s what my business cards say) and alumni. This is the best thing that they could have done, by merging the creative media and strategic planning tracks it will give you an even greater advantage when you enter the workforce, with the added bonus of being invited into meetings with a much greater creative slant (if that is what you are interested in). I know that another alumni is a comm. planner at Mindshare (i think?) so you will have the opportunity to either go agency side or media side. So just have fun, don’t take it too seriously (you will anyway) and remember this is your chance to be really experimental, truly able to take risks without consequence -like losing millions of your clients money, or your job; many people lose sight of this and churn out b.s. that is safe and therefore shit. your job will be to inspire.

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