media buyers are freaking out now

just found this article from the New York Times about how they can provide information about how many people are actually watching tv commercials. despite it’s limitation (see quote below), it’s still pretty cool and moving towards a model that’s more quantifiable.

“The new commercial ratings will not show viewership of individual commercials — just an average of all the commercials for the program, said Jack Loftus, the senior vice president of communications for Nielsen. “It won’t be a rating for the Budweiser commercial at 11:08,” he said.”

the interesting thing is that in the beginning of the article they keep mentioning that because of the new data that’s available, the prices may drop for the spots.

i think this can help companies spend their ad dollars smarter, but i don’t think the quality of tv as an advertising channel will get any better in terms of measurable ROI- awareness doesn’t count =)


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