let’s sell out to the man


another cool post about a cool website from techcrunch. dandelife is a website that allows you to build a timeline of all the significant moments of your life. each entry is text based, but you can add photos and videos. there’s also a social networking component (suprise?) in it as well. but the coolest thing is the business model: users can make the posts on their timeline available for branding by corporate sponsors. basically, you can sell your stories to the man. talk about a marketer’s ultimate wet dream. 

comments on this post are mostly negative, centering on the theme of “creepiness”. but i think that this will still fly because there are so many attention whores on the internet (see all the half naked people on myspace w/1000 friends) and now they can be paid to do what they love to do most. i mean, some people have adsense ads on their blogs, isn’t that somewhat similar?


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