mac vs pc: pc strikes back

i’ve always hated those commercials that compare the mac to the pc. i thought they were pretty cheesy. i also hate the fact that people buy macs for no reason other than it’s hip and cool and sleek and pretty. unless you’re a programmer or designer, there is no reason why you need to pay an extra $1000 for an imac or powerbook or an ipowermacbook. i guess that’s the power of branding and we can always count on people being tools.

anyways, here’s a parody of those commercials where the pc guy says what the rest of us are thinking:



2 responses to “mac vs pc: pc strikes back”

  1. Brandon Hopkins says :

    Have you ever used a Mac for longer than an hour? I suppose not. If you had, you would understand the differences.

  2. htan21 says :

    Uh…it still doesn’t mean Apple shoud come out with commercials that are utterly pointless? Like, if I wanted to buy a computer and wanted to decide between the two I don’t think a commercial comparing some young, hip, cool guy to a glasses toting, boring, suit and tie is going to sway me one way or another. In fact those commercials turned me off after watching them the first time…

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