i feel so loved

a friend sent this over a while ago, but i didn’t see until now.

it’s an article about how marketers are going crazy trying to figure out how to sell to asian american men. the article was pretty long, i mean, quite frankly im flattered: not even our moms care about us this much. ūüôā

however, here’s the main point of the article:

“Apart from these complexities, experts observe that on the whole, Asian-Americans tend to gravitate to the best and newest technologies, and they eagerly share their opinions about everything from movies to personal grooming products. They remain deeply skeptical about marketing, online and off. In other words, they have a lot in common with peers of other ethnicities.”

so to be honest, there’s nothing¬†advertising can¬†really do here. i mean, i could create the most bombtastic strategy ever but if the product is a piece of crap, word of mouth is going to kill¬†it anyways.¬†in my opinion (which may not be worth much right now),¬†if something is going to be sold to¬†this group, you should probably¬†call¬†in the planners at the product development stage and spend your ads dollars on making the ill-est whatever ever. ¬†¬†


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