fun with search engines

a week ago i vowed to get myself listed for keywords such as “ladies love nien’s diao” and “nien liu is a sex god” after discovering that my old blog came up for the keyword “hornydad”.

well, ladies and gentlemen, i present to you:

what a riot huh? it turns out the reason why searching for “hornydad” and probably “nien liu is a sex god” brings up my page is because first of all, there aren’t that many pages that are about those things so there isn’t a lot of competition for it. secondly, simply said, the things Google looks for when they rank you on the results page is based on content and links.

usually for content to be relevant you need to weave your keywords in the post. it tricks the search engines into thinking that your post is really relevant to the keyword. for links, you need to link to other pages and more importantly, they need to link to you. when more people link to you, Google will think you are authority figure on that subject. you can get more info by Googling “search engine optimization”.

the sad thing in all of this is that when you search for “nien liu is a sex god”, you see this blog; which means that i am the foremost authority figure on my own self delcared status as a sex god. who knew Google had such an ironic sense of humor.  


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