i need tivo for myspace

those who know me, know that i always rag on myspace because of the ads, spammers, porn peddlers and fake friends sponsored by companies. but check out the ad overkill:

the trade pubs are all going crazy for internet marketing citing its growth (in spend) and track-able and measurable qualities. but myspace has to be an exception.   

my boss had me look into buying some space on this monster, and turns out that they charge per thousand impression. that means that for every thousand times your ad shows up, they charge you a fixed amount (i think it was $10) or something. and with over 250,000 people starting new accounts a day in addition to the ones that are already trolling the network for whatever, that’s a lot of impressions. and companies aren’t charities. if people clicked on these things, they’d charge by the click.

but i mean, does anyone even look at those stupid things? heck, i don’t click on that crap, but im forced to look around it when im trying to figure out if this girl im about to chat with is 14 (eeewww). the way we use myspace is just not conducive to those little flashing pictures. we’re in there for content, and those ads don’t enhance the content in any way, so we’re going to ignore it. just like tv ads.


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